Cloud Planning and Design: Your Road Map to Success

There’s no doubt about it, If you haven’t already moved to the cloud, it’s time to consider doing so. The global cloud computing market is predicted to grow to $121 billion by 2015, up from $37.8 billion in 2010.

Yet while the pressure is on to join the massive rush to the cloud, doing so without thoughtful planning can create problems down the road.

Join us as we talk with Eric Blum, Chief Technology Officer for EMEA at BMC software about how cloud planning and design can lead to greater success and cover the following areas;


  • A lack of planning in a cloud initiative can lead to problems later. What kinds of problems are we talking about?
  • We talk more about moving to the cloud from a planning and design perspective. What are the key steps to cloud planning?
  • Beyond these initial steps,what are some strategies for success with a cloud initiative?
  • A failure to set priorities with a cloud initiative is equivalent to “boiling the ocean.” How do you prioritize the needs?
  • Some real-world examples of successful cloud planning?
  • What additional resources are out there to learn more?

To learn more about BMC’s Cloud Management solution, view this short two minute video

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