Cloud is not Black Magic – check out how it’s done

We talk a lot on this cloud blog about the benefits, trends & predicted future states of cloud computing so I thought it would be a nice change to take a peek behind the curtain of cloud for a moment and see how its all done. These short videos were put together by our Software Consulting team and they are a great tool for both IT and the Business to show that, although successful enterprise cloud computing is by no means easy, there is no black magic behind it.  These 3 videos focus on cloud service definition and self service requests for both technical and business users.


Did someone order a serving of automated, self-service provisioning of full stack cloud services with monitoring, compliance and configuration management on top? You got it.  Show this cloud service definition video to your cloud architect or admin – they’ll love how easy we’ve made it for them to use flexible model-driven service design to create many different cloud service options in one service blueprint. 



Need to convince your technical users that your cloud can be just as good or better than the public cloud services they’ve been availing themselves of (did anybody say Shadow IT?). Show them how easy it can be for them to request cloud services that exactly fit their needs as well as access and manage them and give them back when they’re done to avoid runaway consumption in your cloud:



Are your business users a little scared of this new cloud thing? Would they prefer to leave IT to IT and stay out of it? Or, do they want to keep going to the public cloud themselves and getting what they need (oops, Shadow IT again)?  This video shows cloud self-service in action and how your business users can leverage the cloud with limited IT know-how.



Stay tuned for more BMC Cloud videos which take you behind the scenes to dispel the myths of cloud black magic.

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Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica Brink is Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Cloud Management. In her role, Monica has responsibility for solution launches, positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategies and sales enablement for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.