From the CTO: Chris Dancy joins BMC Software

From the Desk of  Kia Behnia, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer BMC Software



Wow. The response yesterday and this morning to the news that none other than Chris Dancy has joined BMC Software has been overwhelming, and extremely positive.


I called Chris when I saw the flurry of activity on Twitter, and he said the initial traffic to his blog when he mentioned his decision to join BMC was so furious that it actually crashed the server he hosts with a prominent collocation facility in New York. Chris, we should visit that datacenter together and tell them a few stories about the cloud and dynamic resource provisioning 🙂


But back to Chris, and what his new role as Director, Office of the CTO means for BMC and our customers.  Chris is a guy that could literally pick anywhere in the industry to work, and he set his sights squarely on us.  I’ve asked him a few times about his reasons, and his answers were pretty direct.


Full disclosure:  I won’t share his list of eccentric demands here. Let’s just assume that yes, Chris requested all BMC systems start to use emotive so he can book travel and file expense reports by simply thinking about them. Oh, and he also gets a hoverboard and a promise that we’ll R&D a way for him to beat the constraints of the time-space continuum.


Chris, chime in here if I am wrong, but the few phrases I kept hearing from you as we talked about why BMC would be a good fit for you were passion / culture, infrastructure, and integrity.  I’ll let you tackle the topic of what each one of these means to you and how our company delivers. Instead, I’ll just add this:


I’ve read a handful of articles in the last few months about how enterprise software startups are making a comeback.  Venture capitalists are getting back to the brass tacks of how a business is run, and recognizing the enormous role that I.T. plays. In short, they are starting to realize what we have known all along.


There is a war for talent in our tech industry.  The likes of Kevin Rose joining Google, Robert Scoble at Rackspace, developers as CEO’s – we’re witnessing a shift to employees who not only bring their own devices, but their own fanbase, support systems and marketing. Enterprises like ours will have to embrace this or be left behind.


When the Chris Dancy’s of the world (as if there are more than one) join up with BMC, it makes our role as leaders and innovators even more prominent. It not only helps shape the evolution of our culture as a company, but it raises the bar on what our customers expect us to deliver. That’s the awesome part. People should expect more from BMC than any other enterprise software company – and the talent I have built in our office of the CTO will meet that challenge time and time again.


Welcome, Chris. I can’t wait for our customers, peers and industry to see the results of the work you are doing for us across all of the areas you are passionate about – mobile, social, contextual support, etc. I think designing cool hats might not be in the R&D budget this year, but the rest are all fair game. 



Kia Behnia
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer BMC Software

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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