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The Zoo: Who Runs the Digital Workplace? With Monika Fahlbusch from HR

The Zoo: Who Runs the Digital Workplace? With Monika Fahlbusch from HR

Employees run the digital workplace, says Chief Employee Experience Officer Monika Fahlbusch. With the help of social, mobile, and gamification, businesses can jack up productivity, boost the bottom line and win the battle for top talent. Our work should be as easy and efficient as shopping on Amazon or posting on Twitter. In the digital workplace, … [Read more...]

Improve your Medicare Star Rating with BMC Control-M


Are you a Health Insurer that wants to improve your STAR Rating?  Bring On BMC Control-M Hadoop and reduce your Medicare member complaints and grievances, and generate more revenue. Is your Star score improving?  Is your score staying the same or declining?  Do you want to generate additional revenue?  Drive higher quality? Improve your … [Read more...]

The Zoo: How IoT Will Change Our Jobs. With Guest Jon Hall

The Zoo: How IoT Will Change Our Jobs. With Guest Jon Hall

When we talk about the Internet of Things, we often forget how the new technology will affect our day-to-day jobs. Farmers in Japan can now ration fodder based on how many steps the herd takes. Warehouse workers get more done driving forklifts equipped with dozens of sensors. Office workers pick their unassigned seats based on foot traffic and … [Read more...]

SaaS Help Desk Software Comparison: Features to Look For

SaaS Help Desk Software Comparison

Offering the best IT support services is a matter of utilizing individual talent and skills in conjunction with the right SaaS help desk software. Help desk software options that are available in the Cloud or as Software as a Service (SaaS) are constantly changing, and IT professionals are tasked with evaluating the latest versions of this software … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Evolution of IT Analytics with Rob Enderle and BMC


Industry analyst Rob Enderle joins to “The Zoo” to discuss the use of analytics in IT. As businesses go digital, data-driven decision-making becomes the compass for offering better services, reaching new customers and even winning political elections. The discussion takes us from the missteps at Microsoft and Apple, where gut-feelings trumped … [Read more...]

The Zoo: Social Impact on Business with @CarlosGil83

The Zoo: Social Impact on Business with @CarlosGil83

Social media is marching out of the shadows, as a new tool for enterprises to raise awareness about products and innovations. While the avalanche of noise on Twitter and Facebook has turned off many marketing groups, SnapChat and Blab are emerging as the new platforms. Social media expert, Carlos Gil, explains to "The Zoo" how to reach the masses … [Read more...]

Tame Your Help Desk Email Monster With Automation


This blog is the third in a series on best practices for transforming help desk operations at small to medium-size businesses from reactive to proactive. Meet “Bob.” He’s the hapless help desk guy in a small or mid-size company who oversees all user requests for assistance. Bob monitors the central help desk mailbox, reviews each email to … [Read more...]

Extending IT Service Management Beyond IT


Five9’s Path to Success Using Remedyforce and Salesforce Service Cloud Now that many IT departments have successfully adopted service management principles and are utilizing tools for IT-related services, they are seeing the potential to apply these same practices to other parts of the business. IT departments have been asked to extend these … [Read more...]

The Zoo: What’s New in MyIT 3.1

The Zoo: What’s New in MyIT 3.1

The latest edition of MyIT is now integrated with BMC HR Case Management solution – providing workflows, templates, and forms for everyday human resource issues. Employees can adjust benefits, update information, request PTO, and more with just a few clicks in MyIT. Additional feature highlights include: - One-click sharing of knowledge articles, … [Read more...]