Transform HR Service Delivery

HR leaders across the globe are battling three key challenges: How do I transform the employee experience? How do I standardize and automate HR processes? And how do I become a strategic partner to the business? In this infographic we explore some of the challenges and motivations for HR operations professionals and highlight the key … [Read more...]

Facts about IT Catalog Sprawl

Download Infographic (PDF) › Embed On Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below <img src="" width="540"/><br />Facts about IT Catalog Sprawl. An infographic by the <a … [Read more...]

Remedyforce vs Other ITSM Solutions

See for yourself why Remedyforce is better Start Your Free Trial   Compare BMC Remedyforce with other ITSM solutions and you'll see why we're not just different, we are better. Start Your Free Trial ›Download Infographic (PDF) › Embed On Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below <img … [Read more...]

Mainframe Optimization: Your Performance Monitor Counts

One of your company’s most critical assets is its performance monitoring solution. Today’s consumers never sleep; they’re always connected and require rapid, unprecedented response times. As a result, digital workloads are extremely disruptive and highly complex. Outages are no longer measured in hours because every second that your company’s … [Read more...]

What Can BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Do For You?

Quickly detect troublesome patterns in your IT data to identify problems, resolve outages and improve quality of service with BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics. IT Data Analytics Free Trial  Embed On Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below <img src="" … [Read more...]

BYOD Spurs IT Innovation and Skill Set Advancements

BYOD IT Service and Support

A recent survey by Forrester shows that up to 50% of workers feel that their IT service desk cannot support legitimate needs with today’s technology. Savvy workers want to rid themselves of extra devices and find easier solutions to problems. Facing an unproductive stall due to forms to fill out, antiquated interfaces, and long wait times, people … [Read more...]