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The data center is the core of your IT. You need it to run smoothly and independently so you can focus on the rest of your business. BMC offers solutions to automate routine events, fix problems as they happen, or avoid them all together. Learn more about Data Center Automation at BMC.

What the New Multi-Cloud World Means for IT

Digital transformation for business is no longer a luxury. All companies must accelerate the development and continuous deployment of innovative processes, applications, services, and software changes just to survive. To meet this challenge, companies are increasingly turning to the cloud for the agility, scale and operating flexibility that is … [Read more...]

Vulnerability Management in 2017: Context is King

A steady increase in the number of vulnerabilities each year has put a fresh focus on the discipline of vulnerability management. Although the Verizon 2016 Breach Investigations Report found that the top 10 vulnerabilities made up 85% of the successful exploit traffic, the remaining 15% were attributed to over 900 CVEs. This shows that we can … [Read more...]

4 Use Cases to Automate the Gap with Service Process Orchestration

If you are an IT professional, you probably don’t need convincing of the benefits of automation. In fact, you probably have several tools in your environment that are delivering automation of one form or another right now. For many organizations, enterprise software tools for things such as configuration management, service desk management or IT … [Read more...]

Data Center Tiers: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

When dealing with Data Centers (DCs), it’s helpful to understand what Data Center tiers are and how they affect IT organizations. Here’s a brief overview of what a data center tier is, what data center tiers tell people about your data center, and why they’re valuable to have. What is a Data Center tier? Data center tiers are a standard … [Read more...]

Highlights from the 2017 Forbes Insights and BMC Security Survey

2016 was a year of surprises.  The continued growth of hacking incidents with their devastating trail of destruction was among the more shocking developments.  It brought cybersecurity concerns to the center of every conversation.  Many an IT executive has suffered sleepless nights as they tried to figure out how they could protect their … [Read more...]

Data Center Management Tools: Features, Functions, and How To Choose

Most Data Center managers are heavy on responsibilities but light on personnel. IT organizations naturally spend more on programming talent (because it helps the bottom line) than they do on Data Center staff (which is frequently viewed as overhead). Of course, this spending mismatch doesn’t detract from the fact that Data Center responsibilities … [Read more...]

Data Center Automation Explained Simply

What is Data Center automation (DCA)? Many vendors talk about how their product or service enables DCA but if you perform an Internet search on Data Center automation, it’s hard to get an easily understood answer. In today’s blog, let’s look at what Data Center automation is, what benefits it provides an IT organization, and what special … [Read more...]

Achieving Automation Maturity to Strengthen IT Security

IT environments are changing all the time Business today drives frequent application changes, which typically means infrastructure changes, such as new configurations, new servers, new application servers, new open source or commercial libraries, network route and port changes, and so on. Understanding the impact of these high-velocity, broad … [Read more...]

Service Desk Automation as the Ultimate Universal Remote Control

Picture this. You’re sitting comfortably on the couch, ready to enjoy some snacks and watch your favorite program. You grab one remote and turn on the TV. But your viewing experience requires multiple remotes to operate the TV, DVR, and sound system.  Unfortunately, the cable remote is nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching, you … [Read more...]