Capacity Management is in demand

I just found out that tomorrow’s webinar on Capacity Management – “Business Oriented Capacity Management Solutions” – is ridiculously over subscribed. When I heard the number of people signed up already, it really made me stand back and think.


First: Let’s get the shameless promo out of the way – you can still sign up for the webinar here. It is tomorrow, Thursday January 10th 2013 at NOON Eastern time, 9 AM Pacific Time and 18:00 Central European time.


Second: Why is this event so heavily subscribed? My strong opinion is rooted in the basics. Here goes:


  1. Economics – while the economy is doing better globally, we continue to see regions and specific industries where progress is slow. Capacity Optimization is a process that gets to the economic heart IT very quickly. If answers the 2 basic questions on every CFO and CIOs mind – “what are we spending on delivery of business services?” and “how can we optimize our spend to make us perform better as a business?”. The CFO is asking, the IT team needs to be on top of it .
  2. Cloud Computing (and Virtualization) – both Cloud Computing and Virtualization, are based on the idea that services (business, infrastructure and all things in between) have a both a cost and a quality of service promise. Moreover, the industry is beginning to mature enough to trade these variables off across a number of service providers, both internal and external, to come up with the best price/performance for the business. Without capacity management, you are flying blind.
  3. Data Center Infrastructure Optimization – in a bigger sense, optimization is not simply about the IT side of the equation, but the Operational/ Physical technology as well. There are big costs involved, and looking at both sides in an integrated way is driving huge business benefits. It is no longer about whether to converge on standard IT infrastructure, but how those infrastructures perform, how much ‘physical plant’ they drag along with them, and where and how they should run to get the best bang for the buck.


I don’t think it is more complicated than that – it’s a new year, the basics are driving a lot of interest and action in the Capacity space and (last shameless promo) BMC has a lot of offer as the leader in this market. See you at the webinar. (

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