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BSM Strategies for Enterprises in Emerging Markets

By Lorena Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer, AIS Sistemas Avanzados de Información

Technologies that automate processes to improve service delivery are providing exciting benefits to enterprises in emerging markets. This is particularly the case with Business Service Management (BSM) solutions. BSM is a unified platform that simplifies and automates processes for many it disciplines. It enables it organizations to save time and money, improve decision making, and align more closely with the business.

As compelling as the benefits of BSM are, however, enterprises in emerging markets have hesitated to implement aggressive BSM strategies. Nearly 10 years ago, when AIS first started talking to clients about BSM, the reaction was often, “We don’t need BSM; we have plenty of people to manage the IT infrastructure.” At the time, IT executives indicated that it would be more cost effective to hire additional people than to implement BSM solutions.

Today, however, many of these same enterprises recognize that manual efforts are no longer viable to support large enterprises with huge IT infrastructures. IT costs are rising, and users are suffering from poor performance, outages, and slow response to issues and problems.

Now is the time for these enterprises to adopt BSM because of the close alignment between process and technology. For example, IT service management processes have matured over time. The value of best-practice processes, such as those outlined in IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) guidelines, has been proven time and again in thousands of businesses around the world. BSM solutions are available that embrace these proven processes. Still, some IT executives may be concerned that implementing BSM is too ambitious, too expensive, and too time consuming.

The good news is that enterprises don’t have to implement all aspects of BSM at once. In fact, the best path to BSM is a phased approach in which IT moves in deliberate increments, gaining significant and demonstrable value with each increment.

There has never been a better time to adopt a BSM strategy. For more insight and real-world success story ...

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