BMC Software Acquires Aeroprise: We’re Not the Fifth Beatle But…

By Dan Turchin, former CEO of Aeroprise. Follow Dan on Twitter.


The Fab Four on Ed Sullivan in ’64.Neil Armstrong’s moon walk in ’69. Schilling’s bloody sock in 2004. All shook the earth when they happened. But it was the aftershocks that made them endure.


Today, I’m proud to announce Aeroprise has been acquired by BMC Software. I’m thrilled for our employees and partners and incredibly excited to be joining an excellent, wicked smart team. But I’m the first to admit it doesn’t mean much today – a headline, a new logo, no more Red Bull in the break room.


More important than today’s announcement are the aftershocks that lie ahead. Consider where IT is and where we’re going:

  • IT is getting more social every day.
  • Apps are moving to the cloud.
  • Consumers are bringing computing habits and sensibilities honed after-hours (the “consumerization of IT”) into the workplace.


Fab_Four.jpgThe thread that binds all of these? Mobility. Who gets that more than any other enterprise vendor? BMC.


I was with a customer last week who put it this way:

“How can we claim to support the business until we support smartphones and tablets? In twenty five years in IT I’ve never seen a more dramatic shift happen so quickly. Every day we wait to execute on our mobile strategy is a day we fall farther behind the competition.”

Powerful stuff. That’s why we’re teaming up.

My rendition of “Imagine” shatters glass towns away. I can’t moon walk to save my life. My curve doesn’t and my control makes Ricky Vaughan look like Orel Hershiser. And yet, I’m thrilled that our team will play a part in the reawakening of IT.


Thanks to everyone who supported me and our motley crew for ten years. I’ll never, ever forget that you got us here. To our loyal customers and partners: I promise this is a big win for you.


Know this: you won’t see us doing a victory lap or patting ourselves on the back. In fact, the hour after the deal closed we were heads-down packing up Aeroprise (think Palm III covered in dust bunnies) so we could report for duty at 7:00 AM the next morning as BMC employees.


To say we’re excited and motivated is an understatement. We’re bringing all we’ve learned, all we’ve developed, and all our eccentricity and passion. Expect great things.

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