BMC Cloud Out in the Wild

Today was a big day for the BMC Cloud team – all around the country. In fact, I daresay amazing things probably happened in Europe and Australia too – but I simply wasn’t alerted. Still, here in the states, we had a rousing amount of fun.


First, we reached the conclusion of the AWS sales kickoff, which apparently was a wonderful experience for all concerned. Big thanks to Andy Jassey and the AWS team for making us feel so welcome. And, I hope all those who played Skee ball remember that collaboration across hybrid clouds is the foundation of a high score in real life.  (egads, that was cheesy. even for me)


Second, the team out in California spent some time with some leading analysts talking about our wonderful service provider customers like QTS and Compucom – and I’m sure they got some wonderful insights from the conversation. It’s very important to BMC that we continue to work with these leaders in public clouds and virtual private clouds, as they meet so many of the key needs of enterprises in their regions.


Finally, I spent the day with the Wall Street Technology Association in the Big Apple. It was really fun to talk to a group of leaders in their respective organizations, moving briskly towards building and refining their clouds. As usual, I focused my comments on what I believe is the foundation of a great cloud – understanding the broad group of users you are serving, and the services they need. With that in mind, you necessarily build the right solution to meet their needs – rather than simply a technology answer to a cloud mandate.


I’m sure the entire cloud team will be sleeping well tonight as we recharge for all the follow ups – there’s nothing like the sleep that comes after a great week!

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