BMC Cloud Management, AWS Cloud, and Skeeball

This week is AWS’ internal sales kickoff. And, lucky for us – we’ll be there. Lucky for the AWS sales reps, we come bearing Pac-Man and Skeeball games, in a fun festive nod to their 80’s themed party.


But, if that’s not enough to make you think “BMC is totally cool” – let me take a moment to ponder the irony of a futuristic cloud computing vendor throwing a party with a theme from a decade when the PC took off. In a funny way, the 80s was the vacuum of cloud. If cloud is the next incarnation of mainframe, then the 80s was the time when cheaper and smaller took off – and the mainframe became… old. 


In fact, grid emerged in the 90s – the second incarnation of mainframe. Cloud is the third, here in the .. teens? But the 80s were when things went small and relatively compact (she said, reflecting on the size of her TRS-80). So, why an 80’s party, AWS? I mean, apart from the GREAT fashion.


Here’s my thinking. The 80’s was actually the birth of shadow IT. It became possible to buy a beast of a box and stash it under your desk and do what you like. It became a time when the user had choice – and exercised it with a credit card. In a sense, the 80s was the progenitor of the AWS cloud. Not the private cloud, perhaps, but the AWS cloud.


So, here’s to the 80s – to the material world, And to skipping that horrible stage in IT history when every desktop PC had to be anti-virus’ed manually with shoe-leather techs. Let BMC come together with AWS to learn from the past.


Learn more about our joint solutions with our brand-new whitepaper — or watch the inimitable Steve Anderson do a demo at

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