BMC at PINK 2015

We came, we saw, we continue to help you conquer.

PINK 2015 did not disappoint. With an Indiana Jones “Snakes and Ladders” theme, this year’s event was all about traversing the ups and downs along your IT Service Management (ITSM) journey. From the keynotes to the session content, the focus remained true to that end following the ITSM journey along an ever changing path.


There were a handful of key themes I picked up on this year, but mostly the event focused on how to satisfy both the executives and the millennials pouring in the front door of most organizations. IT – and the service desk that supports IT (along with any given number of other business disciplines these days) – is having to adjust at a faster pace than ever. It’s much like the news, if you think about it, making the keynote speaker, Larry King, the perfect choice to present (and an entertaining one too, I might add).  Things change quickly. You report based on the information you have today and you hope you get it right. Then you have to figure out the best way to change course based on the information that comes in the next day, and the next. Managing change is one of the most difficult disciplines to master – whether people, processes, or technology.

For those of you that have followed me over the last few years, you know I have a special interest in the asset management side of things. And to that end, I enjoyed a few sessions focused on marrying IT Service and Asset Management. From panel discussions to expert executive sessions on the topic, one thing remains the same. It is about the numbers. That’s the common language that IT and executives speak. Larry Shoup, IAITAM expert and fellow, left me with many anecdotes that I will use for the months to come (thanks, Larry!), but the most poignant was that the service desk and asset owners must stop the in-fighting. Working together to drive value will help them both instead of leaving them both fighting for the crumbs of the IT budget that are falling under the table. Find the common ground and develop compelling numbers to serve both disciplines. Work together to drive the competitive advantage for your organization (Think about it. What’s 1-2% of your overall IT budget worth to you?)

PINK15 BMC booth

Naturally, the BMC booth did a great job of spreading our message and demonstrating how we can help Bring IT to Life. With three experts on hand to speak to our portfolio of service and asset management solutions, showcasing both MyIT and Smart IT, we engaged in several conversations with customers interested in the latest Remedy has to offer. We also spoke with prospects looking to take the next steps with their service management initiatives and even showcased our solutions to those currently leveraging a competitor or two. A Remedyforce customer stopped by to let us know that they had just completed their rollout a week prior. They shared about how seamless the experience had been and how happy they are with how everything has gone – and they were ahead of schedule, which was the cherry on top. That is just one example of a customer excited to see us at PINK15.

What’s next? Well, on to HDI 2015. BMC will be there with bells on and we are looking forward to continue having those great conversations with all our IT brethren. Until then, and as always, let us know what you’re thinking. We would not be here without you.

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Criss Scruggs

Criss Scruggs

With more than 17 years in technology product marketing and management, Criss Scruggs currently drives solutions marketing for Workload Automation including Big Data and DevOps initiatives at BMC. Additional areas of focus over the past few years at BMC included IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and Mobile Device Management at BMC. Prior to BMC, Scruggs spent several years with other IT organizations focused on Systems and Applications Performance Management, VMware Management, and VoIP/Unified Communications Management businesses. Scruggs holds a master of business administration degree from The Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University and a bachelor of arts degree in advertising from the University of Oklahoma.