BMC Application Accelerator for IMS V1.2 Delivers BMP support, added usability

In December of 2014, BMC released Application Accelerator for IMS V1.2 that enhances support for BMP processing. Here are the benefits you can expect from this important release:

  • Usability improvements, including the ability to provide more complex criteria when specifying Segment Search Arguments (SSA).
    • Support for Boolean AND operators (i.e. W=x AND Y=z).
    • Expands the range of SSAs to include those using the F command code.
  • New support for PROCSEQ statement.
    • Improved performance. Processing the data via a secondary index provides direct access to the data in the order that the program needs the information.
    • Cost savings. Eliminated the need to read all data and then sort to it into the sequence needed by the application.
  • Also, you can now make IMS calls without the processing needed to reposition in a database by using POS=M.

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel has enjoyed 25 years in the software industry, in various technical, marketing, and business development roles. At IBM Corporation, Tom managed product launches for various database products on all platforms. Previously, Tom managed the marketing and communications for a host of middleware software packages, such as OpenTV interactive TV software. At Automation Anywhere in San Jose, Tom was the Director of the ERP Business, managing Business Development and Marketing for the company's rapidly growing ERP process automation and testing automation solutions. Tom is experienced in building customer and partner relationships, and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. Today, Tom is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for innovative mainframe cost optimization and data management offerings at BMC Software.