Become an Automation Legend!  New Strategies to Manage IT Automation Complexity


As a technologist, product manager, and product marketeer for the bulk of my career, I’ve concerned myself primarily with customer requirements, competitive landscapes, technology trends, business plans and their successful execution.  In short, I’ve helped build product and message it to a target audience – product, message, rinse, repeat.  And while customer satisfaction and issue resolution is critical after an implementation, the career of the actual user of the product is an often over-looked focus area.

In fact, there’s a tendency in our industry to speak of customers as entities or logos without thinking about the people who are trying to build their personal brand and career on the technology we’ve helped them acquire.  But focusing on that user and their career goals is super important.  To help someone build their brand and career is to build a champion, an advocate, a reference, and a success story.  Not only is it good practice for those like me interested in securing repeat business, but it’s good for the industry itself; it creates confident IT professionals who can help foster innovation in their workplace and help achieve that elusive goal of Lines of IT becoming a Profit Center and not merely a Cost Center.

In the spirit of helping to build the careers and personal brands of professionals in IT Operations, my colleague Brian Downey and I are planning a webinar focused on ways in which Automation can help eliminate low-value, repetitive, and admittedly boring manual tasks such that the business of IT can focus on strategic initiatives and contributing substantial business value to their organization.

Join us on August 12th where we will discuss BMC’s BladeLogic Automation strategy and how it can help not only save an organization significant time and money, but also help create Automation Rock-Stars who can build their personal reputation and career goals on BladeLogic.  Become part of the Automation revival that is serving as a catalyst for IT Operations.

Post-Script :  To listen and view the presentation, please register here for New Strategies to Manage IT Automation Complexity

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Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey brings 20 years of technology experience and mapping requirements to unique customer needs to his role in Solutions Marketing at BMC Software. A thought leader in change and configuration management, security and the hybrid cloud, Thom routinely speaks at conferences around the world.