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The database administrator (DBA) is one of the most critical but often least appreciated roles in today’s enterprise. DBAs operate behind the scenes, managing enterprise databases and the data contained within them. It’s an enormous responsibility considering that the data they manage powers essential business applications and provides most of the raw data for crucial business intelligence.

Too often, however, the DBA will spend much of their day on low-value, repetitive, and admittedly boring manual tasks. This limits their ability to perform as a profit center for IT and devalues the skills and experience they can offer the larger business.

A recent survey was conducted through TechValidate of BMC customers who have deployed BladeLogic Database Automation (BDA). TechValidate publishes only factual data – statistics, deployment facts, and the unfiltered voice of the customer without any editorial commentary.

Survey responses validates that BMC BDA customers are saving 20% or more in IT costs for basic provisioning and configuration and 59% of those surveyed indicate that they are able to maintain policy-driven compliance standards. Time and cost savings enable the DBA to work on more strategic endeavors, and ensuring compliance in the age of cloud computing is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity (c.f., Dominic Wellington‘s blog on Intelligent Compliance).

Installing, configuring, and deploying complex databases and performing mundane, repetitive administrative tasks are all part of a typical day in the life of a DBA. Automation, on the other hand, allows the DBA to focus on strategic initiatives and contribute substantial business value.

To learn more about BMC BladeLogic Database Automation, please download a new white paper entitled “Automated Management throughout the Full Database Lifecycle”

I include a case study of the published TechValidate survey below.  To see the full TechValidate survey results, please visit the BladeLogic Database Automation page here.


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Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey brings 20 years of technology experience and mapping requirements to unique customer needs to his role in Solutions Marketing at BMC Software. A thought leader in change and configuration management, security and the hybrid cloud, Thom routinely speaks at conferences around the world.