Tom Parish

DevOps Leadership Series: Patrick DeBois

Play Podcast   Download mp3 (26:15) As part of BMC DevOps Leadership Series, we are doing short interviews with thought leaders in the DevOps movement and in-the-trenches real-world doers. In this podcast we talk Patrick DeBois, who first coined the term “DevOps,” Patrick is the primary host of the global meet-up phenomenon called … [Read more...]

What’s New in IT Business Management, with Tony Navarrete

  Play Podcast   Download mp3 (18:10)   “Without a holistic view, what tends to happen is IT fills the bucket with operational ‘rocks.’ Then it’s mostly full, and you fill in the spaces with projects. What you really want to do is start with the projects, and put those rocks in first,” says Tony … [Read more...]

The Value Add of Partners, with Jason Andrew

  Play Podcast   Download mp3 (15:18)   “The main value proposition, apart from coverage and capability, these partners bring to the table huge intellectual property in their own right and their ability to understand what their customers want,” says Jason Andrew   BMC Software is focused on helping customers design … [Read more...]