Tim Marklein

Tim Marklein

Founder and CEO of Big Valley Marketing, a data-driven marketing and communication consultancy for technology companies. Unique background combines front-line marketing, strategic planning and in-depth analytics across in-house and agency roles. Frequent speaker and writer on business strategy, technology marketing, competitive positioning, communications measurement, analytics and advocacy.

CTO Q&A: How BMC Is Living IT to Empower People and Digital Transformation

Today is a new day for BMC, as we unveil a new strategic initiative and an enhanced product portfolio that puts people at the heart of IT and fuels faster, more successful digital business. The Living IT initiative unites employees and IT through smart next-generation social and collaboration tools with a modern user experience, while fostering … [Read more...]

Analytics = New Fuel for Technology Performance


Some technology trends come and go like the hot-or-not cycles of runway fashion. Remember “push” technology? Or “knowledge management”? Both are still around but never quite lived up to the early hype. Other trends are much more sustainable and transformational. Analytics is one great example, as demonstrated by the market's growth to $14 billion … [Read more...]

Transforming IT: Inside Out, Bottom to Top

BMC IT Transformation

When Scott Crowder took over as BMC’s new CIO in February, he knew status quo was not an option. Too many changes were happening at BMC, and across the industry, new technologies were transforming how businesses, employees and customers interact. Crowder decided to get radical — and re-think the entire IT operation and organization from the ground … [Read more...]