Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey

Thom Bailey brings 20 years of technology experience and mapping requirements to unique customer needs to his role in Solutions Marketing at BMC Software. A thought leader in change and configuration management, security and the hybrid cloud, Thom routinely speaks at conferences around the world.

Intelligent Compliance, Usability Enhancements, and Best Practices for Automation: Introducing NEW Functionality within the BladeLogic Suite of Products!

With expanded support for Intelligent Compliance, Application Server Migration, Dashboard and Portal enhancements, as well as Best Practices from the Automation Academy, we are happy to announce the newest release in the BladeLogic Family of products designed to help organizations transform the value IT can bring to the overall business. The … [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Blade With Automation Experts @ BMC Engage 2014

BMC Engage 2014 will provide an excellent venue by which to learn more about the Automation Revival which is helping to transform the IT Operations landscape and will serve as an extension of the Automation themes which my colleague Brian Downey and I presented in our recent Webinar, New Strategies to Manage IT Automation Complexity With more than … [Read more...]

Automate the Database; Become an IT Legend

The database administrator (DBA) is one of the most critical but often least appreciated roles in today’s enterprise. DBAs operate behind the scenes, managing enterprise databases and the data contained within them. It’s an enormous responsibility considering that the data they manage powers essential business applications and provides most of the … [Read more...]

BMC at Gartner Data Center Conference 2013!!

We're thrilled to be a part of this year's Gartner Datacenter Conference 2013.  Starting next week (December 9th - 12th) in lovely Las Vegas, BMC will be meeting with customers and analysts alike to discuss new advancements in cloud computing, ongoing data center consolidation and orchestration, and how to optimize lines of IT such that they … [Read more...]