Mati Pitkanen

Mati Pitkanen

Mati is the Director of Solutions Marketing Management in Performance and Availability. Her career in BMC Software began in the development team as a QA Engineer and over the last 19 years she has worked in almost every area at BMC. She has international experience in Europe working in the BMC Finland office and currently works in Austin, Texas where she also manages two very energetic tweens.

Transforming the Fear of Unhappy Enterprise IT Customers

Does the prospect of facing unhappy customers frighten you? There was a time when I used to be afraid of talking to customers who were, perhaps, a little “upset” with BMC. To be very honest, those situations are still not ones I run headlong into. I used to cringe at the thought that I might not have all the answers. Or even worse, that I did … [Read more...]

IT Users of the Future

IT Tween: Future of IT

Every day, I live and breathe performance and availability solutions and how they relate to IT operations. As a Director, it’s my job to think about the big picture – the industry-level, big impacts (you know: E-commerce goes down, business revenue is lost, the news hits and stocks fall; that sort of thing). But this past weekend, I realized the … [Read more...]