Leslie Minnix-Wolfe

Planning to attend CMG 2013?

Are you attending the 2013 CMG Conference next week (Nov 7-11) in La Jolla, CA? Stop by the BMC table at CMG and optimize the costs and consumption of ALL of your IT infrastructure resources with BMC Capacity Optimization. You can speak with capacity management experts and view live demonstrations of the industry's only service and business level … [Read more...]

Experience IT differently: New ways to monitor application performance

When I was a kid, my parents used to think they could control what I did even when they weren’t around. Unlike my parents, IT used to be able to control who was accessing applications, and when and how they accessed them; but that’s not the case anymore. Users (both internal and external) can access many applications from anywhere, at any time, and … [Read more...]

BMC at the Akamai Cloud Conference

Are you attending the Akamai Edge 2013  Conference next week (October 7-11) in Washington DC? Stop by at BMC Booth (#6 in the Exhibition Hall) and learn more about how to manage cloud applications with BMC Application Performance Management. You can to speak with application performance experts and view live demonstrations of a unique industry … [Read more...]

End-users’ expectations are high – speed matters and every second counts

Now, more than ever, your business success hinges on your ability to ensure a quality end user experience for both internal and external users. From internal applications supporting employees and partners to external customer-facing websites, all ultimately driving business revenue and profit, your end users are demanding fast access to quality … [Read more...]

Got Analytics?

Analytics offer data-driven business intelligence by revealing patterns in data and projecting future conditions via predictive modeling. IT operational analytics (ITOA) are emerging because companies increasingly rely on IT for revenue-producing services. ITOA is vital for managing IT environments that are complex, virtualized, dynamic, and … [Read more...]

The whole truth: the importance of integrating IT operations data

Have you ever made a decision with only a portion of the information you really needed? Sometimes you’ll get lucky and your hunch will be on target – you’ll take the right action and everything will work out just fine. Other times, things won’t go quite so well, and you’ll regret not taking the extra time to check a few additional facts before … [Read more...]

Getting proactive: Driving continual performance improvement through analytics

For many IT operations teams, performance analytics are used to detect and correct live or predicted problems. The time horizons are often relatively short, with the primary objective of restoring service or guarding against projected failures. Often, there’s no longer-term view: i.e. a deliberate and focused program of continuous performance … [Read more...]