Lilac Schoenbeck

What Transformer are you? And how is your cloud doing?

Everyone loves a quiz. Entire glossy magazine industries have been built on the premise that people want to know their Cool Score. Or best hair style. And you'd be lying if you said you NEVER clicked on a Facebook quiz to determine what Transformer/Breed of Dog/My Little Pony you were. And then felt legitimately disappointed when it turned out you … [Read more...]

Gaggle? Multi? Quorum? Minyan? Clouds Everywhere!

As a person who deeply loves a good linguistic debate (I was once fascinated by the etymology of color names for weeks), I always am intrigued by the creation of a new marketing term in our industry - an industry that LOVES coining new, and often somewhat-less-than-inspiring terms.   The latest appears to be "Multi-Cloud", which has been … [Read more...]

On a Dare: Cloud Management and The Sound Of Music

Sometimes, I like to think of a blog as an exercise in improvisation. Give me 2 topics - and let's see if I can link them. I actually took a class from a wonderful teacher, Lakshmi Balachandra,  in improv in business - and it was an excellent experience. I strongly endorse it.   Today's blog improv game, brought to me in a facebook … [Read more...]

Virtual First? Cloud First? Dessert First?

When I was in the virtualization management game, oh so many years ago, we used to talk about "Virtual First" policies as the pinnacle of adoption of the platform. It's a topic I enjoy reminiscing about with folks like Dave Bartoletti, who were in the game with me at the time.   Why was it the pinnacle? It represented some sort of tipping … [Read more...]

Vendor agnostic datacenters – fact or fantasy?

In some ways, everything about IT is about creating uniformity. Standard configurations. Synchronized patches. 1000 identical laptops shipped to all employees. We place a high premium on "everything being exactly the same."  And for good reason - if everything is the same, management and administration becomes far far easier.   And while … [Read more...]

You get what you measure – but how do you measure a cloud?

The world loves a business case. It makes investment decisions clearer, and also congeals in our collective minds what we're actually shooting for with a project. It's important to understand your goals and metrics - and thus make your decisions based on the outcomes you're anticipating, or even banking on.   But in cloud - what SHOULD be your … [Read more...]

BMC Cloud Management, AWS Cloud, and Skeeball

This week is AWS' internal sales kickoff. And, lucky for us - we'll be there. Lucky for the AWS sales reps, we come bearing Pac-Man and Skeeball games, in a fun festive nod to their 80's themed party.   But, if that's not enough to make you think "BMC is totally cool" - let me take a moment to ponder the irony of a futuristic cloud computing … [Read more...]

Integration and Cloud Management: When Stand Alone is Lonely

A couple years back, I always heard people talking about their cloud like some greenfield dreamworld. And then, over time, as the market matured and we all grew a little older, somehow, the word "integration" crept into people's discussion of cloud. Integration with what? all sorts of stuff...   Legacy infrastructure - I had no idea how … [Read more...]