Lilac Schoenbeck

The Cloud’s The Limit

We've had a spate of big news here in cloud land lately.. New Press. New materials online. New fun. So, let's make a list!   I had a wonderful chat with John Treadway of CloudBzz, and he posted a blog post on CLM. It's great to be getting engaged with the cloud blogger community - I'd welcome more such chats in the coming months! Reach out, … [Read more...]

Are you a chef or a supermarket manager?

I’ve had a few false starts trying to describe the point of configurable cloud services with an analogy. I tried cars, but I’m not going to lie – I haven’t the foggiest idea what a transmission does. I can tell you how to do enterprise-class cloud provisioning, but my chassis is an utter mystery to me. I tried other … [Read more...]