Jonathan Ginter

Big Data is Simple

(NOTE: I recently contributed an article to the IDUG forum on BigData called "Big Data is Simple".  You can find it here.  However, since the IDUG site requires registration, I decided to reproduce the article as part of this blog for your convenience.  Enjoy.) There's a lot of noise and confusion over Big Data, as there is with any new … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101: Improve Delivery with a Bandwidth Diet

I went on vacation during Christmas and came back to a massive bill for roaming charges.  I had tried to limit my roaming, but to little effect, it seems. I tried to figure out how I had eaten so much bandwidth.  Some of it was obvious - people sending me large attachments for work and so on.  However, most of the time, the bandwidth … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101: Top 5 Ways Applications Waste Bandwidth

If you care about performance, you should care about bandwidth and how your applications make use of it. If you care about how much you pay for your Internet connection - or how much you are costing your end users - you should also care about bandwidth usage. This used to be something that both developers and operations staff cared deeply about. … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101: The 2 Pillars of Performance

When it comes to performance, there are only two areas that matter: Responsiveness: how quickly does your application respond to a request? Delivery: how efficiently does your application transport information over the network? Steve Souders refers to this as "frontend vs. backend", where frontend is the time spent fetching content and backend … [Read more...]

3 Rules for Efficient Cookie Management

As I pointed out previously, one of the leading sources of wasted bandwidth is improper use of cookies. With that in mind, here are the most important rules for proper cookie management: Keep them small - don't use cookies to maintain view state or other large data blobs. Technology has advanced to the point where we should be past those … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101 Myth – Javascript Injection is Safe

I was reading an article on the AppDynamics blog recently about the "5 Gotchas for Monitoring Applications in the Cloud" and it got me to thinking about how end user experience is often monitored by various solutions. It often boils down to a debate between passive tapping and server-side agents vs. client-side solutions like desktop agents or … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101 – Are You Running a Modern Application?

I promised that I would write about the complexity of modern applications and how that applies to your monitoring decisions. Consider this to be an initial dive into that subject. For many of you, this will be enough to get you going in the right direction and avoid making costly mistakes.   Applications are becoming increasingly complicated … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101 – Being Agent-less in the Cloud

Having read AppDynamics' post on "Top 5 Gotchas for Monitoring Applications in the Cloud", which I really enjoyed, I felt the need to correct an assertion that I think is the result of incomplete data. The assertion is that public clouds will not allow you to install packet sniffers or network-monitoring devices. On the surface, they are correct, … [Read more...]

Monitoring 101 – The Role of Desktop Agents

One of BMC's partners, Aternity, wrote a great piece on the Top 10 Myths of User-Centric Monitoring.  While reading through it, I realized that it wasn't truly clear where the use of desktop agents should fit in an overall monitoring strategy.  When is it necessary?  What will it cover and what will it miss?   Desktop agents sit … [Read more...]