Aliza Earnshaw

5 KPIs that Make the Case for DevOps

Musing on whether the DevOps ideas you’ve been reading about could be the way to a happier, more productive working life — but not sure how to make the case, or how you’ll demonstrate results? People using DevOps practices rely on several key performance indicators (KPIs) to judge the success of their DevOps efforts. Of the 4,000-odd people in … [Read more...]

DevOps: Higher Productivity Drives Accelerating Adoption

James Turnbull is a well-known industry veteran and DevOps enthusiast. We interviewed him last June in the DevOps Leadership Series (his series is here) and when he offered to submit a guest post, I happily accepted! (Also, he's providing some great info from the recent Puppet Labs survey.) Aliza Earnshaw posted for James. ____________ For those … [Read more...]