Remedyforce Review

Free Download: ITIL 5 Book Set Get the booklets Having been in both the IT, ITSM and SaaS spaces for quite awhile, I have test driven numerous applications and “services.”  So although a bit biased ( I do know who signs the paycheck), I thought it would be good to take Remedyforce for a test drive and to also show how easy it is for you at … [Read more...]

It’s All About What You Do With Unified Service Delivery

What is all this talk about the Unified Service Model? According to Simon King It’s not all about USM, it’s really about what you do with it, including service costing and service level management in a shared serviceinfrastructure. Join us as we talk with Simon King, Director of the Service Support product line at BMC, about the Unified Service … [Read more...]

ITIL Service Portfolio Management & Service Catalog

Free Download: ITIL 5 Book Set Get the booklets Imagine trying to run a manufacturing business without a comprehensive, detailed view of the products provided by your company. It would be difficult to know all the products currently planned, in development, or available to customers. You wouldn’t know the recurring or nonrecurring product … [Read more...]