Hajimemashite,Ohayou gozaimasu,Konnichiwa, Konbanwa: Remedyforce says hello to Japan

BMC Software has announced that its Remedyforce platform now has a localized self service user interface (UI) for IT staff in Japanese, French, Spanish and German. This capability allows global workforces to quickly and easily change the UI to work in their native language, which is imperative to organizations that demand the centralization of … [Read more...]

Remedyforce Review

Free Download: ITIL 5 Book Set Get the booklets Having been in both the IT, ITSM and SaaS spaces for quite awhile, I have test driven numerous applications and “services.”  So although a bit biased ( I do know who signs the paycheck), I thought it would be good to take Remedyforce for a test drive and to also show how easy it is for you at … [Read more...]

It’s All About What You Do With Unified Service Delivery

What is all this talk about the Unified Service Model? According to Simon King It’s not all about USM, it’s really about what you do with it, including service costing and service level management in a shared serviceinfrastructure. Join us as we talk with Simon King, Director of the Service Support product line at BMC, about the Unified Service … [Read more...]

Why Quality Wins when Measuring Performance of a Global Service Desk

Is your service desk strictlyperformance based? Have you been measuring quality or user satisfaction? BMC is not only a provider of ITSM and Service Desk software, we also are a customer,supporting a global and diverse business. With over $2B in revenue and 6,000 employees, the internal Service desk teams support R&D, HR, Marketing as well as … [Read more...]

Guest Post: How to Manage Your IT Ecosystem– or ITIL v7

The ITSMguy is proud to have this guest post from Dennis Drogseth, VP of Research at EMA Associates. Enjoy  By Dennis Drogseth-   Maybe the 21st Century is the Age o fEcosystems.  I suppose the largest for now is our planet.   Taken abstractly, the term “ecosystem” can apply well beyond natural and man made interdependencies,to political, … [Read more...]

Aligning Incident and Change Management with Business Priorities

Every organization today relies on some level of IT forbusiness-critical services. Point-of-sale systems in retail environments,automated teller machines in banking, and just-in-time inventory and orderingsystems in manufacturing are a few examples. Disruption or degradation of thesesystems can have serious ramifications on the business, including … [Read more...]

Key Questions to Ask Your SaaS ITSM vendor

The ITSMguy was recently asked; “What are some of the key things I should ask a solution vendor when evaluating their offering?”(paraphrased).   Well since most ITSM solutions handle the basic things like incident, asset, change; you have to scratch a little deeper to investigate the depth to which it handles these areas. For … [Read more...]