Dena Lawless

Dena Lawless

Leading a Digital IT Transformation Strategy with Andrew McAfee

"Leading Digital Transformation," a Harvard Business Review webinar with Andrew McAfee Andrew McAfee, co-author of the best-selling book “The Second Machine Age,” has a new thought-provoking book coming out in October. “Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation,” explains the modern dilemma and gap between grand customer … [Read more...]

Moving Past IT Friction and Survivor Mentality into a Thriving Digital Business Culture

 IT Friction with business is a dividing obstacle that prevents collaboration to achieve digital transformation, and to remain competitive A recent IDC survey of 1,000+ business and IT professionals worldwide validates IT Friction as a dividing obstacle within an organization that prevents necessary collaboration for digital transformation. IT … [Read more...]

Paying the Toll for Lack of Government Technology Services

Is Government Prepared for Mobile User Expectations? Orange County, California - Winter 2013. I was aiming for the 55 Beach Cities exit when apparently I used the Fast Pass lane (FasTrack® by The Toll Roads®). The 55 exit is a left-lane route and I’m new to that road, so it’s no surprise that this would happen. Here in … [Read more...]