Giuseppe "G" Nardiello

Giuseppe "G" Nardiello

My role is Senior Manager in the Performance & Availability Product Management team and Product Family Lead for Capacity Optimization. I joined BMC Software in October of 2010 as part of the Neptuny acquisition, where I held both Product Manager and Business Development Manager roles. Previously, I worked for IBM/Tivoli, HP and BMC partners. I have about 20 years of experience in System Management and Capacity Management and I hold a degree in Physics/Cybernetics and a PhD in Computer Science.

Capacity Management for Organizational Growth

For the modern IT organization, capacity management is more important than ever! In their recently published “Market Guide for Capacity Management tools” report, Gartner predicts capacity management will play a critical role in fueling organizations growth. "Through 2018, more than 30% of enterprises will use IT infrastructure capacity management … [Read more...]

Automated Capacity Management for the People!

“Automation” is often assumed to represent a positive concept when associated to any IT tool or process. Indeed, why do things manually when they can be executed automatically? However, in some cases automation can only be characterized as “a nice feature”, possibly applied to some collateral action, such as  restarting a stopped process.  But in  … [Read more...]

Multi-Tenancy: More a “Shades-of-Gray” than a “Black-and-White” Concept

Multi-Tenancy (MT) is a hot topic these days: you will rarely see an RFI/RFP document that will not include a question on whether the proposed solution provides is multi-tenant and, ofcourse, this is always the case when the RFI/RFP  is issued by a Service or Cloud Provider. The concept of MT is considered to be a well-understood concept: … [Read more...]