Erin Avery

Erin Avery

Erin is an analytics expert at BMC, focused on the role of IT in the modern, digital business. She believes that great opportunity is just waiting to be discovered in data. Erin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the Pennsylvania State University.

What Hunches Will You Validate With Data in 2016?

For years, in IT, we have been very good at telling people what happened.  The tools and processes we’ve adopted as IT operations professionals, in central IT organizations, are designed to keep everything working while driving cost out of the equation.  We’ve served the business, with technology infrastructure, and when asked, we can most often … [Read more...]

How IT Ops Must Change to Power the Digital Enterprise with Data

How long have we been beating the “everything is changing faster than ever in enterprise IT” drum?  Forever, it seems. For so long, perhaps, that we’ve become numb to the reality that everything really is changing faster than ever in IT. The thing is, this statement was true yesterday, and last year, and the five years before that. It’s true today … [Read more...]

Choice Is a Beautiful Thing: The Cloud or On-Premises ITSM

Someone once told me, “To have choice is a luxury.” This observation wasn’t shared with me in the context of technology or even the business environment, but, the concept applies quite nicely to both (and to just about any other aspect of our lives, but I’ll leave that discussion for another day). The introduction of cloud-based technology … [Read more...]