Dan Turchin

An Epic Week for Enterprise Mobility

By Dan Turchin, former Aeroprise CEO. Follow Dan on Twitter.     Every week is big in enterprise mobility. But this is one we’ll remember for a long time. Consider…   We mourned the passing of our icon, spiritual leader, and Zen master. A Steve Jobs story that is personal but worth sharing: my wife Julie got her PhD at … [Read more...]

Why did BMC acquire Aeroprise?

By Dan Turchin, former CEO of Aeroprise. Follow Dan on Twitter.   Based on the volume of interest in the acquisition I thought I'd post answers to frequently asked questions here. This one seemed like a good starting point...   Why did BMC acquire Aeroprise?   First, some context:   There are more than five billion mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile BMC Remedy for iPhone is now available for free trial

By Dan Turchin, chief executive officer and co-founder of Aeroprise. Follow Dan on Twitter. We re-launched our demo portal with three new free Aeroprise apps: Mobile BMC Remedy for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. The iPhone trial app showcases our new webkit integration. The Windows Mobile app is the same one used for Mobile Asset … [Read more...]