Chris Rixon

Chris Rixon

Chris has worked in IT Operations Management technology since 1990, in roles spanning: IT helpdesk, software engineering, consulting, architecture, sales engineering and marketing. Chris joined the Remedy Corporation in 2000 and came to BMC during the acquisition in late 2002.

Do you have a funny IT Help Desk story?

We’ve all heard the probably apocryphal story about a hapless employee calling the IT help desk and reporting “a faulty cup holder.” Apparently, they’d tried using their CD drive to hold their morning coffee, with predictable and messy results—or so the story goes. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t—but as you well know, strange and funny things … [Read more...]

How To Use Decision Support for ITIL Incident Management

Back in the early nineties, we had an amazing decision support capability as part of our helpdesk infrastructure: his name was Mark. Mark had been around forever. He knew how everything worked. He also knew everybody and had an uncanny knack of reading and decoding complex error logs better than many of our third-line experts. Nobody could get a … [Read more...]

IT Management – the Power behind Digital Transformation

The Power behind Digital Transformation

I’m pretty sure that by now you are acutely aware of just how important IT management is to the success (or otherwise) of the new digital world. All of that shiny, miraculous technology and the new ways of working that come with it would grind to an ugly halt pretty quickly if people like you weren’t actively managing the related services. Your … [Read more...]

BYOD Spurs IT Innovation and Skill Set Advancements

BYOD IT Service and Support

A recent survey by Forrester shows that up to 50% of workers feel that their IT service desk cannot support legitimate needs with today’s technology. Savvy workers want to rid themselves of extra devices and find easier solutions to problems. Facing an unproductive stall due to forms to fill out, antiquated interfaces, and long wait times, people … [Read more...]

IT Best Practices Assessment for 2015

Is your business a digital thriver or digital survivor?  Answer these nine questions to find out: 1.       Does your business focus more on strategic outcomes and user experience more so than operational costs and employee productivity? Yes or No? 2.       Is every aspect of your company seamlessly automated to meet the needs of the business? … [Read more...]

IT Cultural Change Hack #1: Want trumps Need

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one but it has to want to change. So runs the old joke, but there is at the heart of this gag a serious point: want trumps need every time. As IT organizations face down the challenges of a rapidly digitizing business (and their newly expanded role), it’s clear that the … [Read more...]

IT as a Service (ITaaS): An Introduction

In my last post we looked at some practical ways IT could respond to the changing domain of application delivery and management that SaaS has introduced.  This time we turn our attention to the emerging discipline of ITaaS. Although the term ITaaS has been in circulation for a number of years, a concrete and consistent definition still eludes the … [Read more...]