Charlie Geisler

Is Operating a Cloud Similar to Flying a 747? – by Rakesh Dhoopar

I enjoy watching airplanes take off and land. It still amazes me that  machines that weigh almost one million pounds can defy gravity and take off with such grace and ease. As a matter of fact one of my favorite vacations was to the island of St. Maarten. It has one of the most unique airports in the world, where you can sit at a bar located … [Read more...]

The “Chaos” Principle

In this day and age of rapid technology advancement you can automate just about anything – paying your bills, renewing subscriptions and mowing the lawn (by having your son/daughter do it for you).  But for all of this automation to work seamlessly requires intelligence and a bit of work on your part.  You’ll need to know at … [Read more...]

BNY Mellon Addresses IT Challenges with Automated Capacity Management

You may not recognize the acronym BNY, but you’ve likely heard of the Bank of New York-Mellon (www.bnymellon.com, a worldwide investment management and investment services company headquartered in New York City.  BNY Mellon competes in the rapidly changing global financial services marketplace, where IT is a key … [Read more...]