Bruce Kasrel

3 Ways Enterprise Mobility is Like a Car

At a recent Mobility conference there was a session on how Ford incorporates technology into their vehicles. Jim Buczkowski, Director of Electrical and Electronics Systems, at Ford Motors showcased that the car company breaks down in-car tech  into three buckets: what is 1) Built in, 2) Brought in, and 3) Beamed in. As a frequent renter of … [Read more...]

Avoid a Shadow ITSM Outbreak: Six Ways To Take Advantage of BYOIT

The onslaught of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and Consumerization of I.T. brings with it many transformational changes to ITSM. The productivity gains from a mobile enabled workforce are significant. The reduction in lost time from more consumer focused self-service user interfaces hitting I.T. service applications is also a boon to both users and … [Read more...]

Users will ignore your mobile app; Embrace it with Disposable Apps

A statistic that has come up many times at the AirWatch Connect event is: 22% of apps are downloaded and used once. For some this is a cause for alarm questioning the value of apps or the fact we are awash in a sea of apps and none can break through the clutter. I see it as a chance for app developers and enterprise app stores to recognize that … [Read more...]

Dissecting SMAC: Big Data Plays Well on the Small Screen

This is the second in a series looking at how Mobile relates with the rest of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud). My previous post looked at Mobile and Cloud. Today we look at Mobile and Analytics (i.e. Big Data). Mobile Data is a treasure trove of customer insight The most obvious connection between Mobile and Analytics is exploring … [Read more...]

Dissecting SMAC: Three Key Ways Cloud and Mobile Intersect

If you ask any technology marketer these days what are the hot areas, you are likely to get back the acronym SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics (i.e. Big Data) and Cloud. While these four are indeed hot topics; are they just a clever sounding collection of letters for what is en vogue, or do they really relate to each other.   Over the next … [Read more...]

Prepare for BYOG: Bring Your Own Gadget

I am an unabashed gadget freak and when my Pebble Smartwatch Kickstarter order arrived last month, I was like a kid in a candy store. After setting it up and a week of wearing only short sleeves shirts to ensure everyone would see it (and undoubtedly ask about it), I started to wonder if this is the next wave of I.T. device consumerization. The … [Read more...]

The Reports of MDM’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

    I have been to a number of conferences recently where the comment “MDM is dead” has come up. The argument is application catalogs/management and content management is all that is needed to manage mobility security and usage issues. Management of devices is overkill and adds unnecessary complexity to the mix.   While I … [Read more...]

Does Your Mobile Strategy Reflect Your Corporate Culture

Does Your Mobile Strategy Reflect Your Corporate Culture The recent kerfuffle around the Yahoo! Work from Home policy has stirred up quite a bit of discussion around the merits of telecommuting. While I will steer clear of the argument around the value of telecommuting (BMC is a pretty flexible workforce with a large number of work from home … [Read more...]

BYOD is just the ante; companies need long term device programs

BYOD is hot topic these days and many of BMC customers are quickly adopting technology and guidelines to enable employee device usage. We see a lot of out customers tackling BYOD. What is much less common, is any plans on how to keep end users engaged on a long term basis. Enabling devices is just the first step to a more empowered workforce. As … [Read more...]