Ben Newton

IT as a Service – The Unified Theory of IT

It seems that every couple of months I read another article about the search for the Higgs Boson, and how that will either confirm or call into question various all-encompassing "theory of everything" in particle physics. While that story of particle-colliding is interesting in its own science-geeky way, I also think that the drive towards the … [Read more...]

What is Automation? – Part 2 – IT Orchestration

In my first post, we talked about the first layer of the automation stack. We discussed how Embedded Automation (e.g Server or Database Automation), provides the domain knowledge to accurately provision and manage the devices and applications in the data center. Enterprise Job Scheduling provides the business-driven automation for scheduling tasks … [Read more...]

The missing link in the virtualized world – Automation

I just got back from VMWorld 2010 last week, and it was an impressive gathering. At 17,000 attendees, hundreds of vendors, and dozens of breakout sessions, it was an intense* experience.   Of course there are lots of vendors playing in cloud computing, but what was encouraging was that automation seems to be getting the spotlight again. There … [Read more...]