Another Step in Cloud Operations Management

Late last year, we launched the next generation of cloud operations management. Since then, we have gotten great reception from our customers, analyst community, and the market. Today, we are moving one step further. We are extending the cloud performance analytics to almost all the cloud management platforms, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack, you name it. This is an important step for our customers. Now no matter what kind of cloud platform they are running, our customers can have better visibility into their cloud performance without worrying about being buried into a huge amount of noise and missing the critical signals for a possible outage. This is critical for our customers to confidently run a production cloud.


In addition to broaden our reach, we also made a few enhancements. We are including a report portal for our customers, particularly service providers, to give their tenants a detail view on the performance of their infrastructure. When you are dealing with a dynamic and scalable environment, the only way for you to scale is to have a good policy management. In this release, we added many tweaks into our central monitoring administration console to make it much easier for administrators to define and manage the monitoring policy centrally.


Since the inception of our cloud operations management solution, we are getting lots of insightful feedback from our customers. Cloud brings great benefits along with new challenges to our customers. We are very aware of these changes. And we have committed to continue our journey along with our customers.

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