Accelerate your move to the cloud with a converged cloud infrastructure

Trey Layton, Chief Technology Officer, VCE, is responsible for guiding VCE’s product strategy, development direction, and industry thought leadership.

He provides the newest Cloud Viewpoint article and some great insights worth reading.



To build a cloud infrastructure or not to build, that is the question. Architecting and building the underlying cloud platform can soak up vast amounts of your IT engineering resources. Because cloud is still in its nascent state, you can expect a continuing evolution. So the engineering job isn’t over once the initial infrastructure is in place. You’ll need to devote engineering resources on an ongoing basis to take advantage of continued innovation.


Fortunately, building a cloud infrastructure isn’t your only option.


  • The goal is to create a single, holistic entity that expands/contracts dynamically to support varying requirements.
  • Design the physical infrastructure to meet minimum and maximum standards.
  • Include logical configuration options that are standardized based on workloads.
  • Allow legacy systems to access the converged platform, but don’t allow them to consume the resources of the converged infrastructure.
  • By acquiring the infrastructure, you can focus engineering resources on getting business value from the cloud.



Savvy enterprises are discovering that they can speed their move to the cloud by acquiring a cloud infrastructure for which most of the engineering has already been done.


It’s critical that you choose your converged infrastructure carefully.


There are three important factors to consider in your evaluation:

  • Standardization of architecture
  • Speed of implementation
  • Integration of Legacy Systems


Read the entire article here.


Trey Layton, Chief Technology Officer, VCE


Trey Layton, chief technology officer of VCE, is responsible for guiding VCE’s product strategy, development direction, and industry thought leadership.

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