A Stitch in Cloud

When we embark upon major undertakings in life, we tend to take some time to plan.  We create itineraries for trips to Europe. We call architects to remodel the house. We watch endless online movies to learn how best to repair a broken toilet.


Cloud is no different.


Some choose to start by picking up a sledgehammer and hacking at the walls – feeling that immediate gratification of forward progress and the adrenaline of shattered wood. But, we’ve all watched enough HGTV to thoroughly enjoy the “oops, that was a retaining wall” moment. It’s fun to proceed, unabated by the confines of thought-out plans… but you have to have an appetite for risk. 


That risk exists in cloud as well. When building a cloud,the company – not unlike the homeowner – has a vision in their mind of the perfect outcome. It’s the IT equivalent of having every kitchen tool in its place. It’s the business’s perfect man-cave, with recliners that have cooled cupholders and surround sound. It’s having any service, any time, on demand.And to the business, that “any service” is whichever one that particular individual wants most. You’re building a dream house for a few hundred homeowners,all at once – and it better have the foodie kitchen and the man-cave and the sunken tub.


But, we all know it isn’t easy to architect that house – and certainly not on your budget. So, while it is tempting to start with a sledgehammer and just get going, it may be wise to take a step back and make aplan. Lay out tradeoffs. Talk to your future home-dwellers and debate themerits of sunken tub vs. heated recliner. Through this process, not only do you have a better idea of how YOU can proceed – but your customers – the business – tweak their own expectations as well.


Planning for cloud is all about lowering the risk of the big reveal at the end. So your hard work shines – and the business can’t wait to move in. To set you up for success, today we’re announcing our Cloud Solutions Planning Workshop.  Dozens of happy customers have architected their own cloud happy endings – you can too.


Just put down the sledgehammer for a minute. We’re going tomake you a hero.

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