A Practical Guide To Building Management Metrics for IT, with Atwell Williams


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“Make sure you know, at the end of the day, whose goals matter,” says Atwell Williams.


How do you know whether you’re striking the right balance between IT  operating effciency and alignment with the business? How do you know  whether your IT initiatives are yielding value to the organization?  Identifying and tracking the appropriate metrics can provide insight to  help ensure that you are focused on the right areas. With the right  metrics, you can make better-informed decisions regarding investment in  BSM initiatives, gauge progress in implementing the initiatives, and  accurately assess the value realized from these projects. Choosing the  correct metrics, however, can be a daunting task. Join us as we talk  with Atwell Williams, Solutions Architect for the Office of the CTO at  BMC Software and find out how your IT organization can prove its value  to your internal customers.




Atwell Williams is Solutions Architect for the  Office of the CTO at BMC Software. He imparts the knowledge of how to  implement Business Service Management (BSM) and develop metrics to  measure the success of your implementation. He has been responsible for  assuring the overall performance, availability, and recoverability of  BMC’s internal production applications, has led the initial  implementation of Business Service Management (BSM) within BMC Software,  and is currently responsible for educating customers on ITIL® and how  to implement Service Management in their organizations.




  1. What Do Customers want to hear in regards to proving  their worth or value to their customers internally. How do they make  sure that they’re communicating properly?
  2. Why are metrics important?
  3. Can you give us some examples the kinds of metrics that you know, for the most part that people see they need to establish?
  4. What do the need to remember about setting goal setting?
  5. Why is it important to keep value in mind?
  6. How do you know whether your IT initiatives are actually  yielding value to the organization?


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