A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a bit of cloud

Whenever I make lists – and I make a LOT of lists – I always recall the Sesame Street bit that played when I was a child (yes, this dates me precisely. I know that). It shows a little girl going to the store and remembering to pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. Mom offers to write it down, but the girl insists on remembering.

bread_milk_butter_cloud.jpgOf course, once things get a bit beyond groceries – or a bit beyond 3 items – it’s helpful to have a list. A while back, I decided to make that list for cloud. There really are 15 key elements of a well-run cloud. Fifteen is a big number, I know – but they aren’t all necessary on day 1. Still, knowing where you’re going can be helpful.

I think of it this way: I may be able to build my house in stages, first laying a foundation, and then building (and living in) the first floor before building a second on top. But, I’d build my first floor very differently if I hadn’t anticipated needing a second. Even now, in my house, I have yards of pre-run electrical cable, anticipating the need to put proper outlets in the attic room someday. It’s just prudent to plan for what you’ll ultimately need.

So, 15 things to consider, as you build your cloud. Requirements, if you will. A checklist. Maybe you’ll dismiss some as unnecessary – and that’s fine (in fact, I’d enjoy a good debate). Or, maybe you’ll add a few I forgot (please, enlighten me!). But, I think these are a decent starting point…

Which is my favorite? Well, honestly, I’m partial to a few. Giving the people what they want – configurable services (#1) is just good service delivery. Preserving platform choice is key to a cost-effective and flexible cloud (#14) Change management integration (#11) keeps things from running amok.

Of course, I’m fairly certain Sesame Street taught me not to play favorites…

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