A change in the cloud

This week, as you may have read, BMC launched the latest versions of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Cloud Operations Management  – as well as our new Cloud Service Provider program called “Built on BMC”.

So What?

Well, it was a triumph for those of us working on or near the products, of course. But, what difference does it make to our customers? To people building clouds?

I would argue it makes a difference. Not a sea change of brave-new-world proportions, but the sort of quiet change that enables organizations to be a bit more flexible and a bit more optimized, and realize, over time, that there are many good options in the cloud.

For years, there have been a cadre of vendors who are keen on selling you their platforms, whether hypervisor or hardware. They’ve made no pretense of where the weight of the business rests – right down to their financial statements. So, making a cloud decision wasn’t just choosing a management solution – it was, in many cases, tantamount to picking an entire integrated stack. And that stack – that almost monogamous relationship – would have to last for years, or at least long enough to achieve the financial goals of the project.

While I’m happily married myself, marriage has never felt like a short-term whim-based decision. You want to know who you are committing to. And here’s the thing with cloud – all these platforms, and indeed, everything in this space, is changing SO fast. It isn’t as if a platform you feel you know well today won’t transform – in its capabilities, its pricing, its compatibility – in less than 2 years. And new and interesting alternatives will emerge in that time as well. rings.jpg

Case in point – two years ago, OpenStack was a glint in a few visionaries’ eyes. Today it is an increasingly prevalent platform. Two years ago, people talked of vCD. Today, its also VCAC. Two years ago there was a KVM/XenServer battle – which is largely over now.  Getting married 2 years ago to a platform would have changed your options today pretty significantly. And getting married today may have similar impact for 2015.

So, how does this relate to BMC Cloud Management? We’re (ironically) committed to enabling your fear of commitment. And in this release, with Hyper-V and Terremark and OpenStack (and on and on) support, we again have demonstrated our commitment in this respect.  

And that means you can continue to make the right decision for your company. Every day.

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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