50 BMC Mainframe Innovations – zSeries Period (2000 – present)

As macro conditions changed, the mainframe was once again challenged on the basis of cost-effectiveness. New mainframe technology continued to provide price/performance improvements, but businesses and organizations focused on the large line item cost that was the mainframe.


IT frequently had to figure out how to reduce costs without compromising service, at the same time that mainframes were empowering all
aspects of business and playing various roles in big data analytics, social, mobile and cloud.  For much of the zSeries era, IT had to find ways to do more with less.


Once again BMC innovations found a way to solve IT’s toughest problem.  Engineering ways to make BMC systems management footprints smaller, BMC led the mainframe cost optimization charge, with firsts such as enabling zIIP offload of their solutions, and addressing MLC cost management needs.


BMC Innovations that Changed Mainframe Management (2000 – present)

(Watch this blog in coming weeks for reminiscences about these innovations.)


2013 – Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise provided the first comprehensive reporting and planning solution for managing and reducing MLC software costs

2013 – Workbench for DB2(R) brought a Self-service, browser-based access to DB2 catalog information to developers and DBAs

2013 – Application Accelerator for IMS provided automatic, dynamic optimization of IMS(R) batch jobs

2012 – MainView Analytics delivered automatic, dynamic recommendation of thresholds for operational monitoring based on the unique use patterns in the operation

2011 – Control-M Self service created a mobility solution enabling self-service management of batch workflows

2009 – Change Manager for DB2 introduced the ability to convert External SQL Procedures to Native Procedures

2007 – Log Analyzer for IMS made it easy to diagnose problems using massive amounts of log data from the IMS log

2007 – COPY PLUS for DB2 (Cabinet Copy) introduced a process to stack Image Copy Files as one dataset to minimize I/O processing

2007 – COPY PLUS for DB2 (Online Consistent Copy) provided the first outage-free consistent copy for data migration and recovery

2007 – First mainframe zIIP Exploitation by systems management solutions, additional exploitation in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

2005 – MainView Transaction Analyzer correlated business transactions across mainframe technology subsystems for comprehensive near real-time view of business transaction performance

2004 – Database Performance for DB2 allowed smaller numbers of DB2 DBAs to monitor and generate required maintenance for DB2 objects

2004 – BMC Batch Impact Manager enabled IT to proactively determine the business impact of a failure or delay in a batch process

2003 – Database Administration for DB2 introduced Worklist Parallelism for faster implementation of large schema changes

2003 – Database Advisor for IMS and DBA Toolkit introduced intelligent advice on actions to take to improve IMS data base performance and availability

2002 – LoadPlus for DB2 LOAD from CSV file enabled easier transport of data into DB2 from non-mainframe platforms

2001 – Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS created integrated IMS database backup and recovery management

2001 – Application Analyzer delivered the first automatic cross-technology transaction correlation of CICS, DB2, IMS, MQ transactions for
performance reporting and capacity planning

2001 – LoadPlus for DB2 SHRLEVEL CHANGE REPLACE offered the first LOAD utility to allow full update access to a DB2 tablespace while data was being replaced via LOAD REPLACE

2000 – MainView Batch Optimizer automated the optimization of batch jobs without JCL or application code changes


You can also view a fifty year timeline and more information on our mainframe anniversary page at www.bmc.com/mainframeanniversary



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Jay Lipovich

Jay Lipovich

G. Jay Lipovich is a Principal Product Manager for mainframe systems management and cost optimization at BMC Software. He has many years’ experience in the design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure and data management. This includes design strategy and performance evaluation for a mainframe hardware vendor; infrastructure performance consulting for industry and US government agencies; and design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure management solutions. He has published numerous articles in trade journals defining approaches to infrastructure performance management and cost optimization. Mr. Lipovich is ITIL Foundation and CDE certified.