50 BMC Mainframe Innovations – System/360 Period(1964 – 1970)

The start of the mainframe heralded by the delivery of IBM(R) System/360 in April, 1964, enabled computing for business and government.  As business back-office work was computerized, IT was asked to manage the systems and not just operate them.  This meant having some way to find out what the systems were doing.


In 1967, Boole and Babbage (acquired by BMC in 1999) developed seminal programs, CUE (Computer Utilization Evaluator) and PPE
(Problem Program Evaluator) to report on how the resources in a computer were being used.  Not only did these software tools answer the immediate need for IT, they spawned systems management solutions that would continue to be invented and enhanced over the ensuing five decades of the mainframe.


BMC Innovations that Changed Mainframe Management (1964 – 1970)

(Watch this blog in coming weeks for reminiscences about these innovations.)


1967 – PPE
was the first tool to give IT visibility into how programs were executing and
using CPU resources.


1967 – CUE
was the first tool to give IT visibility into how devices were being accessed
and used.


You can also view a fifty year timeline and more information on our mainframe anniversary page at www.bmc.com/mainframeanniversary


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Jay Lipovich

Jay Lipovich

G. Jay Lipovich is a Principal Product Manager for mainframe systems management and cost optimization at BMC Software. He has many years’ experience in the design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure and data management. This includes design strategy and performance evaluation for a mainframe hardware vendor; infrastructure performance consulting for industry and US government agencies; and design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure management solutions. He has published numerous articles in trade journals defining approaches to infrastructure performance management and cost optimization. Mr. Lipovich is ITIL Foundation and CDE certified.