50 BMC Innovations Celebrate the Mainframe’s 50th Anniversary

On one hand, the last fifty years of the mainframe have been a story of mainframe technology advances that changed the way business and government operates.  But as enterprises embraced mainframe potential, there is also the compelling story of how IT had to step up to support the new ways organizations found to harness computing for business advancement.  In that part of the story, IT evolved from the early computer operations to today’s business facilitator and partner.


And when we recognize the changes and growth in IT, we see how BMC innovations were at the heart of mainframe management  advancement.  The BMC innovations enabled IT to make the leaps that their organizations needed in order to capitalize on the
promise of each mainframe technology advancement.


So it is altogether fitting that we celebrate the mainframe’s 50 years by sharing 50 BMC mainframe management innovations from the past (nearly) fifty years.  These innovations include the contributions of all the companies that are now part of the BMC mainframe solutions offerings, which go all the way back to 1967.  Below is the list of innovations we are highlighting – and it was tough work to narrow the list down to the 50 that seemed most appropriate.  In the weeks ahead we will post reminiscences of each of the innovations – many from the architects, authors and developers who first recognized the needs and created solutions, before IT realized there was a gap that needed filling.  Check back to read more about these BMC Innovations, and then share your mainframe memories and stories of how you used a BMC innovation yourself.  Your mainframe colleagues would love to re-hash and re-live some of the memories
that make mainframes so magnificent.


You can also view a fifty year timeline and more information on our mainframe anniversary page at www.bmc.com/mainframeanniversary


50 BMC Mainframe Management Innovations

2013       Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise(R)

2013       Workbench for DB2(R)

2013       Application Accelerator for IMS(R)

2012       MainView Analytics

2011       Control-M self service

2010       DB2 Database Management Advisors

2009       Change Manager for DB2

2007       Log Analyzer for IMS

2007       COPY PLUS for DB2/Cabinet Copy

2007       COPY PLUS for DB2/Online Consistent Copy

2007       First mainframe zIIP exploitation by systems management solutions

2005       MainView Transaction Analyzer

2004       Database Performance for DB2

2004       BMC Batch Impact Manager

2003       Database Adminstration for DB2

2003       Database Advisor for IMS and DBA Toolkit

2002       LoadPlus for DB2 LOAD from CSV file

2001       Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS

2001       Application Analyzer

2001       LoadPlus for DB2 SHRLEVEL CHANGE REPLACE

2000       MainView Batch Optimizer

1999       MainView Explorer

1999       APPLY PLUS for DB2

1998       Recover Plus for DB2/Recover Backout

1998       Fast Path Online Reorg & Image Copy

1997       Reorg Plus for DB2 SHLEVEL CHANGE

1995       DATA ACCELERATOR Compression


1993       XBM – Snapshot Upgrade Facility

1992       Change Manager for DB2

1992       ULTRAOPT

1991       Recover PLUS for DB2

1991       LoadPlus/UnloadPlus for DB2

1990       RECOVERY PLUS for IMS

1989       COPY PLUS for DB2

1989       Reorg Plus for DB2

1988       IMAGE COPY PLUS

1988       Catalog Manager for DB2

1987       ALTER for DB2

1985       Control-M for MVS

1984       DELTA IMS

1984       DATA PACKER/IMS

1984       AutoOPERATOR/IMS

1980       3270 Optimizer/CICS and /IMS

1978       Control/IMS Realtime

1977       CMF

1976       BEST/1

1976       Control/IMS Performance Reporter and Transaction Accounting

1967       Configuration Utilization Evaluator

1967       Problem Program Evaluator


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Jay Lipovich

Jay Lipovich

G. Jay Lipovich is a Principal Product Manager for mainframe systems management and cost optimization at BMC Software. He has many years’ experience in the design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure and data management. This includes design strategy and performance evaluation for a mainframe hardware vendor; infrastructure performance consulting for industry and US government agencies; and design and development of strategies and solutions for infrastructure management solutions. He has published numerous articles in trade journals defining approaches to infrastructure performance management and cost optimization. Mr. Lipovich is ITIL Foundation and CDE certified.