2013 Ends As The Year of DevOps Investment Dollars

I’ve been tracking financial activity in the “DevOps market space” since BMC acquired StreamStep at the end of 2011 for its lightweight planning and coordination software called SmartRelease (now known as BMC Release Process Management and still an awesome product, if I say so myself


Anyway, 2011 had very little activity (basically the only one I heard about I just mentioned), 2012 had about the same and then 2013 came along and blew the doors off. Here’s a table of the highlight (assuming none get announced between now and year-end). And these are public investments, so the real number is higher.


Date Company Investment
Jan PuppetLabs $30M
Feb Big Switch $6.5M
Feb NewRelic $80M
Feb AppFirst $15M
Mar Catchpoint $3.2M
Apr Nolio $42M
Apr UrbanCode $80M
Sep loggly $10M
Sep VictorOps $6.5M
Oct Ansible $1.5M
Nov Chef $32M


That’s over a quarter of a BILLION dollars in $ heading DevOps way. And in the case of the acquisitions, it represents the minimum spend, because a company like CA or IBM still has to invest in the on-going run and upgrade of the acquired companies…


I suspect 2014 is going to be a rip-roaring year for DevOps!

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