1st Year Anniversary of BMC DevOps Leadership Series

Well, today would be the first year anniversary of this Series, if February 29th came every year. anniversary.jpg


Going back over the excerpts, I’m pleasantly surprised how insightful all of the interviews are a year on. (I hope to produce a “best of” collection in the future.)


The range in the conversations has been engaging. We’ve seen slightly technical discussions and very general discussions. Most every discussion presaged a coming theme or concept that is either arrived over the last year or can be discerned coming in the distance.


The people involved in DevOps thought leadership are clearly visionaries and, in many cases, also revolutionaries.


It’s been a blast and, despite some doubters to the contrary, we’ve only just started collecting great interviews. DevOps is not a flash in the pan, as even if the name were to go away, the movement is here to stay.


We have a great series of excerpts from the one and only Mark Burgess coming up, after we complete the excerpts I took out of the podcast with Kia.


In the coming months, we are going to explore Disciplined Agile Delivery (the framework), Kanban, Deming roots in DevOps, monitoring issues, and more.


Over the last year, we’ve brought a lot of value to the community and it’s been recognized by at least two folks I respect a lot. And they said:


“BMC has traditionally been known for systems automation, but by providing the DevOps Leadership Series, BMC renders the community a huge service by spreading freely more information and knowledge on the subject. This clearly shows their understanding of the spirit of DevOps and their dedication to leadership in the space.

Patrick Debois — coined ‘DevOps’, founder of DevOps Days


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the BMC DevOps Thought Leadership series.  To hear experts like Patrick DeBois and Jez Humble describe their seminal contributions to the field and predict where the field is going is fantastic, and is a genuine contribution to the entire DevOps community.”

Gene Kim — co-author of THE PHOENIX PROJECT, VISIBLE OPS, founder of Tripwire


Good stuff. Thank you for listening, reading, following, and tweeting.

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